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Flavor structure of lambda baryons from lattice QCD

ECT* seminar

Philipp Gubler

09 Sep 2015 - 11:15
Villa Tambosi 2nd Floor, Seminar Room

In this talk, I will report on our recent study of Lambda baryons of spin 1/2 and 3/2 with positive and negative parity. The states are investigated in full lattice QCD, making use of the PACS-CS (2+1)-flavor gauge configurations.
We especially focus on the flavor structure of each state, which can be extracted from the couplings to the various flavor SU(3) singlet and octet baryon operators used in our work. We study states with a strange quark (Lambda baryons) and a charm quark (Lambda_c baryons) and compare the two cases to study the effect of the heavy quark mass on the structure of each channel. As a result, we find that the flavor decomposition of the negative parity, spin 1/2
ground state strongly depends on the value of the heavy quark mass, while this flavor structure remains relatively stable for all other investigated channels.