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Asymptotic freedom in the front-form Hamiltonian for quantum chromodynamics of gluons

ECT* seminar

Maria Gomez Rocha

16 Sep 2015 - 16:15
Villa Tambosi 2nd Floor, Seminar Room

Asymptotic freedom of gluons in QCD is obtained in the leading terms of their renormalized Hamiltonian in the Fock space. We calculate the three-gluon interaction term in the front-form Hamiltonian for gluons using the renormalization group procedure for effective particles (RGPEP). The resulting three-gluon vertex is a function of the scale parameter, $s$, that has an interpretation of the size of effective gluons. The corresponding Hamiltonian running coupling constant, $g_{\lambda}$, depending on the associated momentum scale $\lambda=1/s$, is calculated in the series expansion in powers of $g_0=g_{λ_0}$ up to the terms of third order, assuming some small value for $g_0$ at some large $\lambda_0$. The third-order QCD solution of the RGPEP equation to be discussed, provides an explicit example of how asymptotic freedom of gluons is exhibited in the scale-dependence of Hamiltonians as operators in the Fock space.