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Determination of the absolute electron (anti)-neutrino mass

Registration closed 21/03/2016.


Gian Maria Ziglio
+39 0461 314725
Monday, 4 April, 2016 - 09:00 to Friday, 8 April, 2016 - 13:00
ECT* Conference room

The mass scale of neutrinos is one of the fundamental open questions in modern physics, with far-reaching implications from cosmology to particle physics. Precision measurements of the kinematics of weak interactions, notably of the H-3 β-decay spectrum and the Ho-163 electron capture spectrum, represent the only model independent approach to address this question in a laboratory experiment.The next milestone is to reach sub-eV sensitivity with respect to the electron (anti-)neutrino mass. This goal can only be achieved by bringing together
expertise from different fields such as nuclear and particle physics, atomic and molecular physics, theory and phenomenology.
The objective of this workshop is to foster the discussion between theorists and experimentalists involved in the different projects at a time when large experiments are approaching the starting phase. Looking further ahead, the workshop will also address prospects of extending the physics reach of current and next-generation experiments beyond the quest for neutrino masses by probing for the existence of light and medium-mass sterile neutrinos, searching for Lorentz invariance violation, or attempting detection of relic neutrinos.

Registration period: 
25 Jan 2016 to 20 Mar 2016


Loredana Gastaldo Universität Heidelberg
Kathrin Valerius Karlsruher Institut für Technologie


Last nameFirst nameInstitutionCountry of Institution
AlpertBradleyNISTUnited States
BornscheinBeateKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)Germany
CamposMiguelMax-Planck-Institut fuer KernphysikGermany
CerialeValentinaINFN GenovaItaly
CorsiniDarioUniversità degli Studi di GenovaItaly
CroceMarkLos Alamos National LaboratoryUSA
De RujulaAlvaroCERNSwitzerland
DorrerHolgerUniversität MainzGermany
DrewesMarcoTU MunichGermany
DrexlinGuidoKarlsruhe Institute of Technology KITGermany
DybaStephanWestfälische Wilhelms UniversitätGermany
DüllmannChristophJohannes Gutenberg University MainzGermany
EliseevSergeyMax-Planck-Institute for Nuclear PhysicsГермания
EnssChristianKirchhoff-Institut für PhysikGermany
FaesslerAmandUniversity of Tuebingen; Theor.PhysicsGermany
FaverzaniMarcoUniversità di Milano-BicoccaItaly
FerriElenaINFN Sez. Milano-BicoccaItaly
FertlMartinUniversity of WashingtonUSA
FILIANINPAVELMax-Planck-Institut für KernphysikGermany
FormaggioJosephMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUSA
FraenkleFlorianKarlsruhe Institute of TechnologyGermany
GamerLisaKirchhoff-Institut für Physik, Uni HeidelbergGermany
GastaldoLoredanaKirchhoff Institute for Physics, Heidelberg UniversityGermany
GezhagnTewodrosAddis Ababa UniversityEthiopia
GiacheroAndreaINFN of Milano-BicoccaItaly
GlückFerencKarlsruhe Institute of TechnologyDeutschland
GucluM. CemIstanbul Technical UniversityTurkey
HannestadSteenAarhus UniversityDenmark
HasselClemensUniversity Heidelberg, Kirchhoff-Institute for PhysicsGermany
HeizmannFlorianKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)Germany
JochumJosefUniversität TübingenGermany
KempfSebastianKirchhoff-Insitute for PhysicsGermany
KieckTomJohannes Gutenberg-Universität MainzDeutschland
KösterUlliInstitut Laue-LangevinFrance
LaRoqueBenjaminUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUSA
lasserrethierryCEA & TUMFrance
LIyufengInstitute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHINA
LunardiniCeciliaArizona State UniversityUSA
LusignoliMaurizioSapienza- Università di Roma (retired)Italy
MertensSusanneLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUnited States
MyersEdmundFlorida State UniversityUSA
NucciottiAngeloDipartimento di Fisica, Università di Milano-BicoccaItaly
OttenErnstInst. fuer Physik Universitaet MainzGermany
ParnoDianaUniversity of WashingtonUSA
RanitzschPhilipp Chung-OnIKP, Muenster UniversityGermany
RodejohannWernerMPIK, HeidelbergGermany
SaenzAlejandroHumboldt-Universität zu BerlinGermany
SchollStephanUni TuebingenGermany
Schwetz-MangoldThomasKarlsruhe Instute of TechnologyGermany
Seitz-MoskaliukHendrikKarlsruhe Institute of TechnologyGermany
ThümmlerThomasKarlsruhe Institute of TechnologyGermany
TotzauerMaximilianMax-Planck-Institute for PhysicsGermany
TullyChristopherPrinceton UniversityUSA
ValeriusKathrinKarlsruhe Institute of TechnologyGermany
VenosVenosNuclear Physics InstituteCzech Republic
WegnerMathiasKirchhoff-Institute for PhysicsGermany
WeinheimerChristianInstitut fuer Kernphysik, University of MuensterGermany
WendtKlausUniversity of MainzGermany
XingZhi-zhongInstitute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHINA