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DTP 2014 program of the lectures

Co-ordinator:  Francois Gelis (CEA Saclay) and  Jean-Yves Ollitrault (CEA Saclay)
Student coordinator and adviser: Georges Ripka (Saclay and ECT*)

April 07 - 11

Derek Teaney (Strony-Brook, USA)

"Relativistic hydrodynamics"
April 14 - 18

Guilherme Milhano (CENTRA, Lisbon & CERN, Switzerland)

Gregory Soyez (Saclay, France)

"Jets in heavy ion collisions"
April 21 - 25 Marco van Leeuwen (Universiteit Utrecht, Netherland)

"Experimental techniques"

April 28 - May 2

Mikko Laine (Universität Bern, Switzerland)

"QCD at finite temperature"
May 05 - 09

Dionysis Triantafyllopoulos (ECT* Trento)

François Gelis (Saclay, France)

"Color Glass Condensate"

May 12 - 16 Peter Arnold (University of Virginia, USA)

"Strong coupling techniques"