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Nonperturbative analysis of seagull divergences in QCD

ECT* Seminar

David Ibanez Gil de Ramales

02 Apr 2014 - 11:00
Villa Tambosi 2nd Floor, Seminar Room

Quantum field theories with ɸ4-like interactions contain seagull-type graphs, which in turn generate quadratic divergences at the level of the two-point function, that must be properly renormalized through appropriate counterterms of the the type m202UV2. In the case of nonperturbative QCD with a dynamical gluon mass generation mechanism, quadratic divergences occur at the level of the Schwinger-Dyson equation satisfied by the gluon propagator. However, since gauge invariance for bids the appearance of such counterterms involving the gluon field, one is forced to adopt different regularization/renormalization procedures for dealing with these divergences. In this seminar I will present a method to get rid of the aforementioned seagull divergences in nonperturbative QCD; it relies on the ability of triggering an identity called “seagull identity”, valid in dimensional regularization.