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From jet quenching to wave turbulence

ECT* Seminar
Edmond Iancu (CEA Saclay, France)
09 Apr 2014 - 14:30
ECT* Rustico conference room 2nd floor

We discuss average properties of the gluon cascade generated by an energetic parton propagating through a dense QCD medium. The cascade is mostly made with relatively soft gluons, whose production is not suppressed by the LPM effect. Unlike for usual QCD cascades in the vacuum, where the typical splittings are very asymmetric (soft and collinear), the medium-induced branchings are quasi-democratic and lead to wave turbulence. This results in a very efficient mechanism for the transport of  energy at large angles with respect to the jet axis, which might explain the di-jet asymmetry observed in Pb-Pb collisions at the LHC. We also describe recent work towards understanding the high-energy evolution of jet quenching and its relation to the non-linear evolution of the color glass condensate.