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Maria Gomez Rocha

Scientific activity

I am generally interested in hadronic physics studied with different methods either in the context of quantum field theory or relativistic quantum mechanics. My special focus is directed to Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) and I am interested in the unsolved problem of confinement.

Among the methods I have dealt with or I am currently using are: the renormalization group procedure for effective particles (RGPEP); Dyson-Schwinger-Bethe-Salpeter equations; Hamiltonian approach to QCD in Coulomb gauge; light-front and point-form Hamiltonian dynamics; relativistic quantum mechanics.

I am currently focused on the heavy-quarkonium bound state problem using RGPEP. My goal is to study the interactions between quark and gluons at different scales, the properties of the binding force in QCD, and to calculate hadron spectra. I am also interested in studying the importance of the presence of gluons in quarkonium and in hybrids.

ECT* publications
ECT* workshop: "The Charm and Beauty of Strong Interactions"
Bound states in QCD and beyond II, St. Goar Conference 2017
XIIth Quark Confinement and the Hadron Spectrum