SEMINAR series on quantum simulations for nuclear physics-QS4NP

24 August 2020

The virtual program “Quantum Simulation for Nuclear Physics” (QS4NP) is a seminar series focused on the emerging field of quantum simulations for nuclear physics research. Theoretical and experimental progress, ideas, visions and plans will be discussed by experts, including members of the ECT* Scientific Board, at the cutting-edge of quantum information science, quantum many-body systems, quantum field theory and nuclear physics.


The QS4NP organizing committee:

Joe Carlson (Los Alamos)
Zohreh Davoudi (U. of Maryland)
Gaute Hagen (Oak Ridge)
Philipp Hauke (U. of Trento)
Karl Jansen (DESY, Zeuthen)
Morten Hjorth-Jensen (U. of Oslo and Michigan State U.)
Francesco Pederiva (U. of Trento and INFN)
Martin Savage (U. of Washington and INT)