Coronavirus update and ECT* activities


Given the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of ECT* policies and measures have been put into place.

Resulting from a general decision by the Bruno Kessler Foundation, ECT* will remain closed to outside visitors until the end of June 2021. Many workshops that were planned for 2020 have been shifted to 2021. The workshops scheduled until the end of July 2021 will run online, in an adapted format. Depending on the Covid situation, it will be decided whether the workshops from August 2021 onwards can take place in person or will also be held online.

Concerning the 2021 workshops, we have initiated “colloquia style” presentations on the general subject of the workshops that are available on the ECT* YouTube channel, under a dedicated playlist.


The ECT* seminars are being run remotely at the moment. The recordings are available on the
ECT* YouTube channel.

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