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Jesus Casal

ECT* Post-doc
  • Strada delle Tabarelle 286, I-38123 Villazzano, Trento, Italy.
Scientific activity

I am interested in the theoretical description of the structure and reaction dynamics of weakly bound light nuclei, using few-body models with special emphasis on continuum effects. My work is focused on low- to intermediate-energy reactions involving three-body nuclei, such as two-neutron halo systems, including processes populating unbound nuclei and reactions of astrophysical interest.


XXII International Conference on "Few-body Problems in Physics" (FB22), Caen, France
XVI International Meeting on "Selected Topics in Nuclear and Atomic Physics", Fiera di Primiero (TN), Italy
3rd International Workshop on "Quasi-free Scattering with Radioactive-Ion Beams (QFS-RB17)", York, United Kingdom
International conference "Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics VIII (NPA8)", LNS Catania, Italy
ECT* workshop on "Unraveling the complexity of nuclear systems: single-particle and collective aspects through the looking glass"