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Jesus Casal

ECT* Post-doc
  • Strada delle Tabarelle 286, I-38123 Villazzano, Trento, Italy
Scientific activity

I am interested in the theoretical description of the structure and reaction dynamics of weakly bound light nuclei, using few-body models with special emphasis on continuum effects. My work is focused on low to intermediate energy reactions involving three-body nuclei, such as two-neutron halo systems, including processes populating unbound nuclei and reactions of astrophysical interest.


Talk at the conference "Nuclear Physics for Astrophysics VIII" (NPA8), LNS Catania
Invited seminar at Padova University (Italy)
ECT* workshop on "Unraveling the complexity of nuclear systems: single-particle and collective aspects through the looking glass"
ECT* workshop on "Three-body systems in reactions with rare isotopes"