ECT* Mission

The mission of ECT* is threefold:

  1. To be a center of frontline research in theoretical nuclear physics
  2. To promote active contacts between theory and experiments, and to related areas of research
  3. To further the training of young researchers

Aside from a vigorous local research program involving senior and junior researchers one of the main activities of ECT* is workshopscollaboration meetings, doctoral training programs, and specialized courses. It also offers visiting fellowships for junior and senior researchers.

In particular, ECT* organizes advanced training programs for doctoral students specializing in nuclear physics in a broad sense, including nuclear structure and reactions, nuclear astrophysics, quantum chromodynamics, and hadron physics, the physics of matter under extreme conditions and ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions. Related areas of research include topics in astrophysics and cosmology, particle physics and methods of quantum-field theory, condensed matter physics and many-body theory, computational physics, and the physics of ultra-cold atomic gases.

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