ECT* Doctoral Training Program Information

The ECT* Doctoral Training Program is an innovative training program, which promotes the interaction between young researchers and experienced scientists in a unique way. In particular, the lecturers and visiting scientists, who stay at ECT* for an extended period, are more “accessible” to the students than they usually would be otherwise.

Each year a training session is organized on a theme chosen by the Scientific Board of the Centre. The session lasts up to 6 weeks. The selected students stay at ECT* for the entire duration. At ECT* they find a stimulating environment to pursue their PhD work, and have access to the excellent research and computing facilities of the Centre. They attend the advanced topical lecture series and participate in the ECT* seminar program where they are asked to present their work. They can receive mentoring from the local research group and visiting scientists. Special tutorials are organized when needed. The students have the option to broaden their background in related areas of nuclear physics, such as general many-body theory and topics in condensed matter and computational physics, through contacts with the Physics Department of the University of Trento and the  Bose-Einstein Condensation Centre.

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