Horizon Europe Programme | HORIZON-INFRA-2021-SERV-01

Project: EUROpean Laboratories for Accelerator Based Sciences

Acronym: EURO-LABS

Period: 01/09/2022- 31/08/2026

Nuclear and High Energy Physics explore at different scales what the universe is composed of and how it functions. Breakthroughs in accelerator and detector technologies combined with innovative experiments represent the key to new discoveries. High Energy Physics, while preparing for the HL-LHC, is pursuing the design of the next generation particle accelerators and detectors, balancing the present and the future. Newly available beams of nuclei far from stability and intense stable beams have opened new avenues, ranging from the production of new elements to the exploration of nuclear properties at extremes of temperature, angular momentum and isospin. It is of vital importance to simultaneously optimize the use of existing and new Research Infrastructures (RIs) to conduct curiosity-driven research addressing fundamental questions and technological challenges, and also advance projects with broad societal impact. This project provides efficient access to the available resources to a large fraction of EUROpean Laboratories for Accelerator Based Sciences (EURO-LABS). It allows the diverse community of users to choose the best state-of-the-art RI or a network of RIs to conduct high impact research, fostering knowledge sharing across scientific fields. The proposal brings together, for the first time, the three communities engaged in Nuclear Physics, Accelerator and Detector technology for High Energy Physics, pioneering a super community of sub-atomic researchers. It allows a synergic implementation of best practices for data management and activities relating to targeted service improvements at these RIs. Joint training activities are foreseen to develop the skills of the next generation researchers to optimally use the RIs services for scientific and technological discoveries. EURO-LABS will create synergies and collaborations between the RIs of the Nuclear and High Energy communities, enhancing Europe’s potential for successfully facing future challenges.

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