Information for participants of ECT* Hybrid Workshops


In order to participate in ECT*/FBK events a COVID-19 green certification is required.

Visitors coming from the geographic area Europe (as indicated in sections A, B and C of the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) must follow the rules of the national regulations in force (COVID-19 green certification in force from 1 July 2021 – link).

This means that ECT* will only admit participants who have completed their vaccination cycle in the last 9 months, who have recovered from COVID-19 in the previous 6 months or who have performed a molecular/antigenic test (with negative results) in the 48 hours preceding the event. Until the end of the state of emergency, people from outside Europe will only be able to participate in the events from remote.


Participants in ECT* events must present a Green Pass and must fill in each day a self-certification concerning their health status.


Participants must wear face masks (preferably surgical or ffp2) at all times in all ECT* spaces, especially those indoors, correctly covering nose and mouth.

Exemptions from the use of the goggles are foreseen only in case of disability or pathology, which must be duly reported and documented to the event organisers before the start of the event. Random body temperature readings may also be taken.

All participants are strongly encouraged to adhere to physical distancing and general COVID-19 preventive measures, such as, washing hands with water and soap or with alcohol-based solutions, provided by ECT* at various points in its venues, and avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth with hands.

Speakers of conferences are allowed to remove their masks during their talks, provided that they keep a distance of 2 metres from other participants/speakers. Tables and microphones will be cleaned between the various presentations.

Participants in the event must keep safe distance of 2 metres and observe a chessboard layout in the case of auditorium configurations.


Please note that the purpose of the Green Pass verification for in-person events is exclusively to check the authenticity, validity and integrity of the certificate. It is therefore necessary to know the personal details of the holder, without, however, recording or storing any information.

The information contained in this document supplements the information on personal data processed in connection with the Covid 19 emergency (link) and the information on the processing of personal data of participants in events organised by ECT*/ FBK (link).


Participants will be encouraged to make flexible reservations for travel tickets and hotel accommodations. In case of cancellation of the event due to the resurgence of the pandemic and the associated health risk, ECT*/FBK will not bear any costs not chargeable to it.


Please Note: You will find the Resolution No. 09/2021  “Directives for the prevention of infection from the Covid-19 virus for the organization of in-person events at Fondazione Bruno Kessler as of September 1, 2021 and until the end of the state of emergency” at the following link: .PDF

In particular, we would like to draw your attention to points 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 11.

Other information: here