Symposium in occasion of the 25th anniversary.

ECT* - Villa Tambosi

Strada delle Tabarelle, 286
Trento - Italy

ECT* - Villa Tambosi

Strada delle Tabarelle, 286
Trento - Italy


09:00 – 10:00 Welcome

Jochen Wambach (Director of ECT*)
Sara Ferrari (Assessore of PAT)
Fernando Ferroni (President of INFN)
Paolo Giubellino (Director of FAIR)
Gert Aarts (Chair, ECT* Scientific Board)
Marek Lewitowicz (Chair of NuPECC)
Lorenzo Pavesi (Head of the UniTn Physics Department)

Chair: David Brink (Oxford)
10:00 – 11:00 The birth of ECT* in Trento, Renzo Leonardi (Trento)

11:00 – 11:30 Coffee break

Chair: Jean-Paul Blaizot (Saclay)
11:30 – 12:15 | Properties of strongly interacting matter from first principles, Claudia Ratti (Houston)

12:15 – 14:00 Lunch at Villa Tambosi

Chair: Achim Richter (Darmstadt)
14:00 -14:45 | From fundamental interactions to structure and stars, Achim Schwenk (Darmstadt)

14:45 – 15:30 |  Emergent mass in strong interactions, Daniele Binosi (Trento)

15:30 – 16:00 Coffee break

Chair: Wolfram Weise (München)
16:00 -16:45 | GW170817 and the history of the r-process, Jim Lattimer (Stony Brook)

16:45 -17:30 | Twenty years of Quantum Science and Technologies at ECT*: From the Star to Q@TN, Tommaso Calarco (Ulm)

18:00 Dinner at Villa Tambosi

Public Lecture @ MUSE

Date: Saturday September 1st, 2018 | h: 18.00

Title: Gravitational Wavers, Black Holes and Neutron Stars: A Journey In Einstein’s Univers

Speaker: Luciano Rezzolla (Goethe University/Frankfurt)


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