Simone Taioli

  • ECT* Senior Researcher

I am senior research scientist at ECT* and visiting professor at Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (Russia). I graduated summa cum laude in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Bologna (2000). I hold two PhDs, first one in Nuclear Engineering (Bologna, 2004) for developing a new theoretical method to simulate electron spectra of molecules and solids (Auger decay), and a second one in Theoretical Physics (University of Trento, 2013), where I studied the nucleosynthesis of elements in stars and materials growth. I was post-doctoral research fellow at UCL (London, UK) and at the University of Sheffield, dealing with the first-principles simulation of electronic, optical and thermodynamic properties of condensed matter systems, also under extreme conditions. I held several visiting positions at Sorbonne Université, Charles University in Prague, École normal supérieure de Lyon, UCL. I gained the habilitation to full professor in Physics of Condensed Matter both in France and Italy. I authored more than 60 papers in high-impact journals. My current research interest ranges from the development of computational many-body methods for studying condensed matter systems to the development of novel computational relativistic approaches to nuclear decays in astrophysical scenarios.

  • +39 0461 314732