Simone Taioli

  • ECT* Senior Researcher

Simone Taioli is senior research scientist at ECT*. He graduated summa cum laude in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Bologna (2000). Dr. Taioli was awarded two PhDs, in Nuclear Engineering (Bologna, 2004) for developing a theoretical method to simulate electron spectra of molecules and solids, and a second one in Physics (University of Trento, 2013), where he applied methods of theoretical condensed matter to the nucleosynthesis of the elements in evolved stars.  He held post-doctoral research fellowships at UCL (London, UK) and at the University of Sheffield, dealing with the first-principles simulation of electronic, optical and thermodynamic properties of materials also under extreme conditions. He also held several visiting positions at Sorbonne Université, Charles University in Prague, École normal Supérieure de Lyon, UCL, Gdańsk University of Technology, and University of Murcia. Dr. Taioli gained five habilitations to associate and full professor in both Chemistry and Physics of Condensed Matter in France and Italy, and also held professorships at Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (2019-2022) and at Gdańsk University of Technology (2022-2023).

His current research interests range from the development of novel computational many-body techniques for studying condensed matter systems to relativistic methods to estimate nuclear decays in astrophysical scenarios and in hadrontherapy for cancer cure.

  • +39 0461 314732


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