Digital quantum computing for many-body simulations

Aula Renzo Leonardi - Villa Tambosi

Str. delle Tabarelle, 286, 38123 Villazzano TN

Quantum computing uses the principles of quantum mechanics torevolutionise the way we process and manipulate information. This opens up a realm ofpossibilities for solving complex problems that are beyond the reach of classicalcomputers. In this talk, I will present the basic concept of quantum computing as appliedto so-called Hamiltonian simulation, with a particular focus on the concept of quantumgate decomposition – a crucial ingredient needed to simulate a quantum many-bodysystem on a quantum computer.
Valentina Amitrano will present an application of quantum computation to the simulation of neutrinos fromastrophysical environments. In high neutrino density situations, such as those found insupernova explosions, the flavour Hamiltonian includes a neutrino-neutrino interactionthat causes the collective flavour oscillation phenomena. This interaction adds a non-linear contribution to the equations of motion, making the exact simulation of such asystem inaccessible to any current classical computational resource. I will present thequantum algorithm designed to simulate the unitary evolution of such a system ontrapped-ion based quantum hardware. Finally, the promising results of the real quantumsimulation run on the Quantinuum machine will be presented.


  • Valentina Amitrano - Speaker
    INFN, Sezione di Ferrara

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