Unraveling and exploiting highly doped transition metal dichalcogenides in misfit layer compounds

Ludovica Zullo | May 10th, 2024 @ECT*

Misfit layer compounds (MCLs) are heterostructures composed of rocksalts units stacked with few layers transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) [1]. The design of misfits’ emergent properties is hindered by the lack of a global understanding of the electronic transfer among the constituents. In this work [2], by means of density functional theory, we demonstrate how the charge injection into the TMD layers can be controlled by the chemistry of the rocksalt which always acts as electron donor. We show that misfits behave as a periodic arrangement of ultra-tunable field effect transistors with massive charging. Finally, we establish a strategy to study MLCs emergent properties by highlighting the 2D character of the lattice dynamics of TMDs emerging from bulk misfit.


[1] Gerrit Wiegers, Progress in Solid State Chemistry 24, 1 (1996)

[2] Ludovica Zullo, Giovanni Marini, Tristan Cren, Matteo Calandra, Nano Lett. 2023, 23, 14, 6658-6663 (2023)

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