Quantum sensing with laser-synthesized Nano-DIAmond NV color centers

Quantum sensing with laser-synthesized Nano-DIAmond NV color centers

Acronym: NaDia

Actors: Idea Lab (Massimo Cazzanelli, Antonio Miotello, Michele Orlandi), Department of Industrial Engineering (Alberto Quaranta), and ECT* (Simone Taioli)

Proposal: to fund a PhD student (€ 66.000)

Period: Started November 2020

The production of fluorescent nano-diamonds with room-temperature magnetic sensing capabilities is one of the most challenging tasks in quantum technologies for sensors and metrology advanced applications as well as for the comprehension of fundamental aspects of nonclassical properties of light.
This problem is generally tackled by following a sequence of poorly controlled procedures that do not straightforwardly lead to the manufacturing of N-doped nanodiamonds characterized by a well established size and by a nitrogen-vacancy (NV) specific content and tailored pattern.
This project is aimed at studying novel approaches to boost the graphite-to-nanodiamonds transformation rate towards mass scale manufacturing. Of course, this task critically relies on a better understanding of nitrogen incorporation under laser ablation conditions.


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