LFC22: Strong interactions from QCD to new strong dynamics at LHC and Future Colliders

ECT* - Villa Tambosi

Strada delle Tabarelle, 286
Trento - Italy

ECT* - Villa Tambosi

Strada delle Tabarelle, 286
Trento - Italy

Based on the report delivered in May 2020 by the European Strategy Particle Physics committee and the foreseen progresses of the Japanese project on the International Linear Collider, our workshop will debate the current proposals for future accelerators, taking particular care by the role played by strong interactions in the physics case of such colliders. We shall review perturbative QCD calculations and whether they are able to describe the current LHC data and meet the accuracy necessary at future colliders. Furthermore, the state of the art of non-perturbative QCD will be discussed, investigating both hadronization models in Monte Carlo generators and computations of power corrections. A special session will be devoted to top-quark phenomenology: on the one hand, future colliders will be capable of measuring the top properties, such as its mass, with an unprecedented accuracy, on the other hand processes with the production of top quarks are background to most searches for physics beyond the Standard Model. Needless to say, scenarios which are capable of solving the current open problems of the Standard Model, such as composite- Higgs models and other strong-dynamics solutions in the electroweak sector, will be explored in depth. Connections between measurements at low- and high-energy accelerators, as well as comparisons of astrophysics and collider observations will be investigated. Special attention will be paid to cross-cutting themes, such as machine learning, Effective Field Theories, simplified models, recasting and global interpretation of LHC data.

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  • Gennaro Corcella (INFN LNF, Roma/I)
  • Stefania De Curtis (INFN Firenze, Firenze/I)
  • Stefano Moretti (University of Southampton, Southampton/UK)
  • Marcel Vos (IFIC Valencia, Valencia/S)
  • Roberto Tenchini (INFN - Pisa, Pisa/I)
  • Giulia Pancheri (INFN LNF, Roma/I)
  • Aldo Deandrea (IP2I, Lyon/F)


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