ECT* Colloquia

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a large fraction of the ECT* workshops initially planned for 2020 have been postponed to 2021.

To introduce and promote the topic of the postponed workshops to a wider audience, the ECT* has started last summer with a series of “colloquia style” presentations of about one hour each on the topics of the postponed workshops.

The recorded presentations are available on the YouTube Channel | ECT* Colloquia

  • STRANU: Hot Topics in STRANgeness NUclear and Atomic Physics
    Colloquium by Catalina CURCEANU and Kristian PISCICCHIA
  • Heavy-Flavor Transport in the Quark-Gluon Plasma
    Colloquium by Ralf RAPP
  • Neutron Stars As Multi-Messenger Laboratories For Dense Matter
    Colloquium by Anna WATTS on "The Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer - and beyond" and Sanjay REDDY on "Dense Matter in Neutron Stars and its Implications for Multi-Messenger Astronomy"
  • The Strong interaction: from the LHC to the Higgs factory and beyond
    Colloquium by Marcel VOS
  • Generalized parton distributions of light nuclei
    Colloquium by Sergio SCOPETTA
  • Relativistic Fermions in Flatland: theory and application
    Colloquium by Lukas JANSSEN on "Emergence of relativistic flatland fermions in systems without fermions"
  • Key Reactions in Nuclear Astrophysics
    Colloquium by Aurora TUMINO
  • Theoretical and Experimental Challenges in Flavour Hadrons, Heavy Quarkonia and Multiquark Physics
    Colloquium by Mikhail BARABANOV and Bruno EL-BENNICH
  • Nuclear and Atomic Transitions as Laboratories for High Precision Tests of Quantum Gravity inspired Models
    Colloquium by Antonino MARCIANO
  • New Physics Searches in Heavy Ion Collisions
    Colloquium by Marco Drewes
  • Exploring high-muB matter with rare probes
    Colloquium by Enrico Scomparin
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