ECT* past workshops - ENSAR2


Precise beta decay calculations for searches for new physics

Atomic nuclei as laboratories for BSM physics

Neutrini and nuclei, challenges and opportunities for nuclear theory

Nuclear and astrophysics aspects for the rapid neutron capture process in the era of multimessenger observations

The first compact star merger event – Implications for nuclear and particle physics

Advances in many-body theories: from first principle methods to quantum computing and machine learning



Recent advances and challenges in the description of nuclear reactions at the limit of stability

Spontaneous and induced fission of very heavy and super-heavy nuclei

Exploring the role of electro-weak currents in Atomic Nuclei

New Ideas in Contraining Nuclear Forces

Modeling neutrino-nucleus interactions

Probing exotic structure of short-lived nuclei by electron scattering

Indirect Methods in Nuclear Astrophysics



Unraveling the complexity of nuclear systems: single-particle and collective aspects through                                           the looking glass

Superfluidity and Pairing Phenomena: from Cold Atomic Gases to Neutron Stars

Walk on the neutron-rich side

Landau Fermi liquid theory in nuclear and many body systems

Bridging Nuclear and Gravitational Physics: the Dense Matter Equation of State

Nuclear Astrophysics in the Gravitational Wave Astronomy Era

Open Quantum Systems: From atomic nuclei to ultracold atoms and quantum optics

Prospects on the microscopic description of odd mass nuclei and other multi-quasiparticle                                             excitations with beyond-mean-field and related methods



  Determination of the absolute electron (anti)-neutrino mass

Advances in transport and response properties of strongly interacting systems

Towards consistent approaches for nuclear structure and reactions

Statistical properties of nuclei

Proton-neutron pairing and alpha-like quartet correlations in nuclei

Three-body systems in reactions with rare isotopes

Physics beyond the limits of stability: exploring the continuum

Nucleon and nuclear structure through di-lepton production

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