Instructions for participants

Each participant should answer a questionnaire online. To do so go to the page which lists the meetings of the current year and clicks on the registration link. The registration is open from two months until two weeks before the beginning of the workshop.

Subsistence support and hotel bill
Depending on the financial arrangement which you will have contracted with ECT*, you will be required to pay a fraction or the full amount of your hotel bill. You will be informed of the financial arrangement before your arrival.

Public transports and Trento Guest Card

Participants can easily reach ECT* using bus n.6 to “Villazzano Villa Tambosi”. The hotels will provide all their guests with a “Trento guest card” that allows you to use public transportation free of charge. Upon arrival you should ask the hotel about the card. If you need to buy additional bus tickets, you can buy them at the tobacco shop.

The precise arrangement for lunches and dinners will be communicated to you by the secretary of the workshop.

Weekday arrangements
On weekdays, a buffet lunch is offered at the Centre. Dinner will be served at various restaurants which will be announced. Both lunch and dinner are free of charge for supported participants.

Self-supported participants and accompanying persons

Self-supported participants and accompanying persons can make use of the same restaurants and lodgings as those of the ECT* supported participants. Thereby they benefit from the economic prices granted to the Centre.

Exceptional travel reimbursements
In the exceptional case where ECT* pays for your travel, the following procedure must be followed:

  • Upon your arrival submit your tickets to the secretariat for photocopying.
  • As soon as you get back home send the original ticket(s) to ECT*.
  • Reimbursement will be made in Euro (conversion fees are at the charge of the participants).

Note that ECT* encourages the use of prepaid tickets and prefers to reimburse travel tickets to your home institution or to its respective travel agency (because of local taxes, reimbursement to individuals increases the cost by 30%).


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