Participant Information

  • Registration
    The registration is usually open from two months until three weeks before the beginning of the workshop. To register to the workshop please click on the registration bottom on the workshop page and fill in the form. In case you don't have an ECT* Indico account yet, you can create one.
  • Hotel reservation and support to Participants
    The ECT* staff blocks rooms for all workshop participants at the beginning of the year. Each participant can indicate on the registration form if he/she needs a hotel reservation. About three weeks before the start of the workshop, the ECT* secretary informs the participant about the hotel reservation and the level of support. Please note that in some hotels you can ask for a special card called Trentino Guest Card that allows you to use public transport for free and free museum entrance. For more information: minimum support a participant receives, is support for all meals provided during the workshop program, i.e. ​all lunches and coffee breaks and in some cases, depending on the workshop budget, ECT* also covers 1 or 2 workshop dinners. Please note that ECT* does not reimburse lunches/dinners outside of the workshop program.
  • Arrival at Villa Tambosi
    FBK's Scientific and Technological Hub "Villa Tambosi" is located at Villazzano, a suburb on the hills of Trento. To get to ECT* from downtown: catch bus number 6 or 6/ in the direction of "Grotta". Get off at the bus stop called "Villa Tambosi". It takes about 15 minutes by bus. The entrance of ECT* is just next to the bus stop.
  • ECT* for Guest
  • Acknowledgements
    Please include an acknowledgement to publications that are a result of the workshop in case the workshop that you participated in receives financial support from Strong2020, EUROLABS, EMMI, MPP and/or ECT*
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